Welcome Patrick Rusher & Shawn Peake To Cooper Jacobs!

Cooper Jacobs Real Estate in Seattle WA Welcomes Patrick Rusher & Shawn Peake!
BUSY BUS BUSY!  Belated again, but want to definitely welcome two more Seattle real estate brokers to our Cooper Jacobs group!   
Patrick Rusher comes to us from Windermere Real Estate Company where he has been a highly respected member of the team and also an all around nice guy.  Patrick approaches his job as a Realtor with great enthusiasm, but also has the experience and knowledge to  back it up with success. In addition, he has a background in accounting!  You can reach out to him here:  patrick@cooperjacobs.com
Shawn Peake joins us after being a previous colleague at Windermere as well. We are all very excited to have Shawn on board and look forward to working with him.  Shawn has many ideas for his clients looking forward to 2011 and beyond and you can reach him via email here: shawn@cooperjacobs.com
We are excited to keep helping you in 2011 and beyond!