Taking the Seattle Real Estate Polar Plunge

In addition to the reasons below, a cozy fireplace and tasteful holiday decor can go a long way in selling the lifestyle of a home.

Why You Should Consider Selling Your Seattle Home In The “Dead Of Winter”

Typically, Seattle homeowners believe that they should wait until spring to sell their home. Most years, for us, the winter has been one of the busier times in real estate.  The idea that someone would wait to list their home when they are ready to sell also doesn’t make sense to me. There is always a buyer pool out there and while it’s true that it may be smaller typically in the winter time, the Seattle market overall is very much in a seller’s market. There are other reasons, though.  Even with this, most homeowners don’t understand why they would want to sell their home in the “dead of winter”. Here is why you should sell your home now if you are thinking about selling in spring:

Some sunny days here and there – try to get pictures on those days! If you can’t then your broker should have an extremely talented photographer who can add extra light and life to our sometimes grey Pacific Northwest world.
  1. You know how much your home is worth now. While Seattle is typically a strong real estate market, it still was hit in the last cycle.  Many economic forecasters say we are heading for another lull. There are no guarantees in this real estate game except that it is cyclical. There are always ups and downs in the market and you won’t always see a shifting market before it happens.   Luckily, Seattle is one of the most insulated markets, but again, no crystal balls here. Time is always of the essence. 
  2. There are fewer competing homes for sale. Inventory is low right now – even lower than usual for the season. Fortunately for you, the holidays and the overshadowing belief that one should wait until spring will keep your competition at bay. Take. Advantage. Of. This. Fewer competing homes means more competing buyers and in this case – serious buyers  – which brings us to #3…. Wait for it… 
  3. Real Buyers: That’s right! The Seattle homes buyers who are out there in the freezing cold and “dead of winter” are the ones that are serious. This is not the season of “looky loos” and even the classic “nosy neighbors” tend to not want to venture out into the cold of the Pacific Northwest to check out the digs next door.  It gets dark at 2:30 on some days for goodness sakes. Even the most dedicated looky loo will not be haunting your open houses. 
  4. The political climate continues to be volatile with regards to many facets of life and that affects real estate. Uncertainty can cause the Seattle real estate market to slow down and can also make Seattle’s “upper left” buyers reconsider future purchases.

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Seattle Realtors Molly Cartwright Courtney Cooper

Courtney Cooper and Molly Cartwright are seasoned and successful Seattle Realtors. 

They are happy to provide you with a CMA to show you how much your home is worth now.  They can also provide pointers on small or large things to do to get your home ready for the market. Courtney and Molly can tell you roughly what your buyer pool looks like today as well so that you can decide if you want to go ahead and take the “polar plunge” into selling your home in the winter. Call/Text Courtney & Molly  – 206-850-8841 or email homes@cooperjacobs.com