Seattle WA Neighborhoods: What Are The Best Seattle Neighborhoods To Move To?

Seattle WA Neighborhoods:  What Are The Best Seattle Neighborhoods To Move To – whether you are relocating to Seattle or just trying to figure out where in the city you might want to live.
Seattle has wonderful neighborhoods to choose from, but what makes them the best for you?  This is the real question to consider.  It is good to go ahead and look at crime rates, school performance, and other relocation stats that are the norm, but in order to really determine what Seattle neighborhood is the best for you, you have to go further.
Looking at Best Seattle neighborhoods and what makes them best for you and your particular relocation situation:  I always start out by asking people what they like to do for hobbies, where are they going to work, etc., but also what kind of commute they would prefer… If a short commute is important, then that is a big factor.  Most of Seattle is surrounded by water and there are a lot of bridges here to cross. Knowing which ones are a complete nightmare and when is an important aspect of deciding if a particular Seattle neighborhood is the best one for you. 
Best Seattle Neighborhood Amenities offered that you want:  Everyone has different needs when they go to choose the best Seattle neighborhood possible.  Do you want to be able to walk to the grocery? A particular kind of grocery store maybe?  Bike to yoga, have a particular restaurant in delivery distance?  Want to be near a park or public pool?  The library? These are all of what goes into making a Seattle neighborhood be the very best for your situation – whatever that is.  Checking out a site like is always good, too, because it will give you amenities surrounding addresses and for particular neighborhoods including restaurants, grocery, pubs, yoga studios, and more.
My Personal Favorite Seattle Neighborhoods:  These are based on my personal choices and wants and needs in regards to what I consider great amenities, but you might find that you like these, too.  In no particular order, BTW:
Green Lake – love the loop around the lake with no cars to interrupt a walk or ride, love the shops, love Zeek’s pizza, love the close proximity to I-5 for commuting
Queen Anne – over a hundred years of family history here, love pretty much everything about it and consider it to be the very perfect Seattle neighborhood if you can afford it.
Sunset Hill – Edge of Ballard overlooking Puget Sound with all that Ballard has to offer, which BTW s everything….
Eastlake – love Seattle floating homes and cute little shops along Eastlake Ave. Close in to South Lake Union, Downtown Seattle, with tons of little parks and the Lake Union Loop.
Wallingford – Wallingford is a perfect location, too, right in the city – a little city in itself and on the North banks of Lake Union which is nice.
*All my favorite Seattle neighborhoods have good shops, grocery, restaurants, parks, and great walkability because I like to walk and prefer to not have to do it through a lot of traffic.  I also like the water a lot. 
My husband’s:
Sunset Hill
Queen Anne
Green Lake
Looks like we are pretty well matched in some of our choices, so that is a good thing…
Molly’s favorite Seattle Neighborhoods:

Molly Cartwright is a Realtor in our office who lives in Green Lake and likes to run around the roughly 3 mile loop for fun…
Green Lake
Capitol Hill
University District -( if you are relocating to Seattle from California, then this is your closest thing to Berkeley FYI)
West Seattle – Alki, Fauntleroy
The common favorites among us?
Green Lake, Wallingford, and Ballard (Sunset Hill is in Ballard)
I would love to hear about your favorite Seattle neighborhoods and why you think they are the best!  Email me if you get a chance or post them here!