Seattle Sellers Push Back: Show Them The Net And Things Clear Up!

When I am working with a buyer in Seattle or the Seattle suburbs, I am very savvy about making sure that if they need closing costs paid by the seller I get them paid by the seller, and this usually works out in everyone’s favor.  Even when I was able to get the seller to participate in down payment assistance, things just worked out, but lately I have noticed that some of the sellers are pushing back.
Seattle sellers sometimes aren’t wanting to pay closing costs even if the buyer is willing to actually offer more for the house to make up for the difference.  This has only happened to me a few times and I was able to work through it successfully in both cases by showing them the numbers.  These sellers (who were not my clients) really needed to be coached through it so that they could see the bottom line.
Sellers need to know what the net number is going to be. Showing them the net proceeds in these cases really helps.  I know that when I am representing a Seattle seller, it does help to have a net proceeds sheet there to give them the bottom line when considering an offer.  I think this is vital and consider it a must when negotiating.  I actually have a degree and a background in accounting so this part is even fun for me!
So, the lesson?  If you are confused about the offer coming in on your house, just ask for a seller’s estimated net proceeds from your Seattle Realtor and then go through it line by line.  If you don’t understand, then ask about it – the numbers are important and you want your bottom line to be clear.

About the author:  Seattle Realtor Courtney Cooper is a broker for Cooper Jacobs Real Estate Services in Seattle.  If you need help with Seattle real estate please feel free to email Courtney at   206-850-8841