Just A Few Hot In City Seattle Neighborhoods

Here’s a short analysis on the in city hot areas which includes many neighborhoods like Green Lake, View Ridge, and Maple Leaf, and Ballard.

Molly touches on Green Lake Real estate below, but I thought I would also touch on at least one other so check all of these great Seattle neighborhoods and others out on the Cooper Jacobs Seattle neighborhoods page.  (PS -One of my favorites is Ballard.   If you are interested in Ballard real estate, please let us know!  We have a great selection of Ballard Realtors who live and/or work in Ballard!)

Seller’s Market!

by Molly Cartwright Molly@CooperJacobs.com  206-841-6800

ONE month of inventory in Green Lake equates to a seller’s market, indeed.  We haven’t seen inventory this low since 2005 and ’06.  Multiple offers are definitely not unheard of.   Because the inventory is so tight, it’s keeping buyers  squirming in their seats for a solid home in some of our most attractive neighborhoods – Ballard, Green Lake, Ravenna, View Ridge, and Maple Leaf.  Translation:  It’s in-city mania.

First time home buyer, moving up, scaling down – the target price is all across the board.  A good Realtor will give you a laundry list of “to do’s” to get your home in tip top shape for hitting the market.  Savy buyers still want to see a value (who doesn’t?) and they’ll know when a house is overpriced.  Pricing will always be the pivotal strategy but if the home is clean, well staged or organized and is easy to show, the seller will see their return.

Financing is the biggest hurdle I’ve seen lately.  So make sure you’ve got your financing nailed down first and happy buying!